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If you are looking to replace your broken and cracked plastic or fiberglass end caps with Aluminum, we have the solution for you! Our precise CNC cut end cap kit will enable you to create the same incredible look that Miller Garage installs in our custom builds. We also will walk you through the process in either our YouTube tutorial or in our Airstream U Interior Skins Course. 


The kit comes with enough segments to do both ends of a trailer and are pre drilled but do require fitament, cutting, additional drilling and riveting. This is the closest we can get to a direct install kit but some work is required. We recommend our 1/8 inch Pop Rivet Kit ( ) along with this End Cap Kit. 


These are for Airstream Trailer Year Models 1969-1994 Narrow Body Trailers. They will not work in pre 1969 or Wide Body Trailers. 


Finish Options: 

Mil Anodized- Similar in look to new Airstream travel trailers but anodized to better protect from fingerprints, scratched and corrosion. 

Matte White- Beautiful Matte White Enamel Finish for a lighter brigher look. 

40+ Additional Custom Colors Available on Request. Additional Lead times for Custom Colors.

Segmented Ends Caps 1969-1994


Lead times for Standard Colors (Mil Anodized and Matte White) are 7-10 days and Custom Colors are 4-6 weeks. 

These end cap kits are cut to order and non returnable.

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