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Our custom Airstream Polishing Starter Kit comes with all the tools you need to polish your Airstream! 


It includes a Dewalt variable speed polisher and the 3 wheels and compounds of our 3 stage polishing process. Produce that mirror shine with these proven products! 

Miller Garage Airstream Polishing Starter Kit

  • Dewalt 7 Inch Variable Speed Buffer
  • Renegade 9 inch Orange Primary Cut Wheel
  • Renegade 9 inch Yellow Secondary Cut Wheel
  • Renegade 9 inch White Flannel Finishing Wheel
  • Renegade Tripoli Brown Polishing Compound
  • Renegade Green Rouge Polishing Compound
  • Renegade Competition Purple Compound
  • Airway Safety Flanges
  • 2 inch extender for Airway wheels
  • Buffing Wheel Rake
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