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The safety flanges are required with any Airway wheel. Do not use airway wheels on a buffer without them. 


What are Safety Flanges?


Safety Flanges are to be used during high speed polishing and buffing with Airway Buffing Wheels. They are meant to reduce the chances warping of the center plate of the buffing wheel. In addition to offering protection against warping, Safety Flanges also help to keep the buffing wheel securely in place.


How do I use Safety Flanges?


Attach the safety flanges to each side of your airway buffing wheel by simply placing the flange on your grinder's shaft, placing the buffing wheel on top of the flange, and placing the second flange on top of the buffing wheel. The next step is to fasten the attachments securely before buffing and cutting.

Safety Flanges for High Speed Polishing

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