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Miller Garage Airstreams is now offering design services for the DIY Airstream owner!  We have several different options to help meet your project needs. 


Basic Sketchup Design: 

This is for the individual who wants to be in control of the details of their furniture design but wants some help with layout optimization. We will discuss your project and vision and help devise the best layout for your needs. Once we have some measurements from you, we will layout the rooms, furniture x,y,z dimensions, basic plumbing and electrical locations and appliances. With this design we do not break it down to furniture design and dimensions, such as cabinet door and drawer locations. We will send technical drawings as well as the Sketchup File.


Advanced Sketchup Design:

This is for the DIY Airstreamer who wants all the details of the design to be handled by our designer. It takes our Basic Sketchup Design to the next level with a complete 3D design of your trailer. We go all the way with this design enabling you to build out your trailer completely using the blueprints from this. It includes all dimensions and cut lists for the interior furniture. Full electrical and plumbing diagrams. We can even design your holding tanks in the frame if desired. We will send technical drawings as well as the Sketchup File.


Design to Cut Fusion 360 Design Service:

This if when you want us to not only design your trailer, but CNC cut all of the parts and furniture for you. This is our "Airstream in a Box" service where we can design, cut and send you almost every part and component for your build. This can even include appliances, wiring, sealants, gaskets, etc. Being that this is a completely custom tailered option, pricing is based on trailer size and design time. Please reach out to discuss this option with us! 

Airstream Design Services

PriceFrom $500.00
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